Minutes: Queensland Chapter AGM 2008

Notes from the 2008 Annual General Meeting of the Queensland Chapter of Arlis/ANZ, held 16th December 2008, at Piaf bistro, Grey Street Brisbane.

Present: Joan Bruce (QSL), Christene Clarke (QSL), Alice Steiner (QUT), Jennifer Thomas (QUT), Ellen Thompson (QUT) - chair and notetaker, Kerri Klumpp (ABC), Cheryl Stevens (QGU), Pamela Martin (Logan), Judy gunning (QAG).

Apologies: Jacklyn Young.

A quorum having been achieved, the AGM was called at 6:15pm.


1. Minutes of last AGM.

No notes from previous AGM were able to be found.

2. Business arising.


3. All positions declared vacant.

All positions were declared vacant and open for nominations form the floor. No nominations were received in advance of the meeting.

4. Nomination and election of positions holders.

Chair. Joan Bruce indicated that she would accept the position as coordinator for the Chapter's activities during 2009, assisted by input from members in the form of ideas for events, dates, and on-the-ground organising.

Seconded by Christene Clarke. Endorsed by the Quorum.

Secretary. Kerri Klumpp indicated that she would accept the position of Secretary.
Seconded by Cheryl Stevens. Endorsed by the Quorum.

Treasurer. Pamela Martin indicated she would accept a further term as Treasurer.
Seconded by Judy gunning. Endorsed by the Quorum.

5. Meeting schedule for 2009.

Judy Gunning proposed 4 meetings during 2009. All members present endorsed this suggestion. Dates were suggested which coincided with dates of events at home institutions.

It was also agreed that the focus of Chapter activities in 2009 would be on social events, and opportunities to get toknow each other, share knowledge, and welcome new members.

First meeting for 2009: Approx 27th March to coincide with the China show at the Queensland Art Gallery. Judy and QAG members will assist Joan to coordinate the meeting.

Second meeting:

June. QUT Art Museum. Jen Thomas will investigate what's on at the QUT Art Museum and suggest a date. She will assist Joan to coordinate the meeting.


May. Queensland Art Gallery. Met Show of 19th century art.

Third meeting: September. Queensland State Library. Christene and Joan will investigate options for events at the State Library around this time, and confirm a date.

Fourth meeting: November. Asia Pacific Triennial. Queensland Art Gallery/GoMA.

Judy also mentioned that in January the Gallery bookshop is hosting a book-launch of the latest publication by John McDonald. Although not an official 'meeting' for the Chapter, members are welcome, and Judy will arrange for the Bookshop to send out invitations.

Actions arising:

Ellen Thompson is to supply all members with a copy of the Chapter email list.

Judy: arrange for QAG Bookshop to send book-launch invitations.

Judy and Joan; coordinate first meeting fo 2009 to the China Show.

Jen: investigate QUT Art Museum for an event to visit around June.

Meeting closed at 6:45pm.